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Students can make their payments by bank transfer, credit card and cash. Credit card payments can be made with Visa or MasterCard. For detailed instructions, please contact the Accounting or the Financial Aid Office.

Payments should be made to ECLA's account:

Account Number: 2 485 818      
Sort Code: 700 202 70             
Leibnizstr. 100
10625 Berlin, Germany

IBAN:   DE51 7002 0270 0002 4858 18

Important deadlines

Payment deadlines for the 2011-2012 academic year are as follows:

Autumn term: September 29, 2011

Winter term: January 13, 2012

Spring term: April 11, 2012

Financial aid

Students may ask for a re-evaluation of their financial aid package if a drastic unexpected change in their financial situation occurs. A request form needs to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office. The financial aid will be reviewed and the student will be informed about the decision. Forms can be obtained from the Financial Aid Officer.