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Living in Berlin

Berlin's cosmopolitan atmosphere, cultural and intellectual riches, and solid educational tradition all played a part in an ECLA education. In the frame of ECLA's Berlin programme, students and faculty came together to explore Berlin's cultural heritage and continued development. Transportation passes were provided for students for the academic year. Students studying art and aesthetics received museum cards, while all other students could apply for museum cards and attend selected dance performances, classical concerts, lectures, plays and Berlinale films at subsidized prices. Evenings out for events in Berlin often ended with conversations together in a café.

Upcoming Events

March 3, 15:00 at the Neue Nationalgalerie(meet Aya in the foyer of the museum):
Gerhard Richter: Panorama. Special tour of a large retrospective at National Gallery, previously on show at Tate Modern. The show covers Richter's art since the 1960s and illustrates the different painterly techniques and concepts which were relevant for his work. While many of his earlier paintings were based on photographs which he re-imported onto canvas, often closely connected to Richter's own historical consciousness, his later works comment on the medium of painting itself by using abstract shapes and bright colours.