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Academy Year Programme

ECLA's first one-year programme was introduced in 2002, and continues today in a developed version as the Academy Year Programme. AY students divide their time equally between core courses and electives, and may study languages for extra credit. In 2010-11 the core courses are dedicated to Plato's Republic and its Interlocutors, Forms of Love: Eros, Agape and Philia, and The Values of the Florentine Renaissance. Some AY students have already studied for 1-3 years elsewhere and typically come to ECLA to complement their disciplinary training with a broader context of moral, political, epistemological and aesthetic concerns. Other students enrol in the AY Programme immediately after high school, often inspired by a serious interest in politics, ethics, literature or art - and a wish to find an alternative in higher education to what they consider premature specialization.