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Catherine Toal

Catherine Toal received her Ph.D. from Harvard University. Her dissertation was awarded the University's prizes in Nineteenth-Century Literature and American Literature in 2002.  She joined the ECLA faculty following a Junior Research Fellowship at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Her research and teaching interests include nineteenth-century French, English, American and German literature, and literary and critical theory.
In 2011 she was Director of the International Summer University Prussia - Philosophy, Rebellion and the State

Classes Taught at ECLA:

AY Core Courses:
The School of Greece
Legitimacy in Modernity (coordinator)
Property (coordinator)

PY Core Courses:
Introduction to Marx
Reading Freud
The French Revolution
Shakespeare's Hamlet

The Rise of the Novel
Theories of Narrative
Reading Henry James
Louis-Ferdinand Céline
The Enlightenment Bildungsroman
The King James Bible
Flaubert and Realism

PY Projects Supervised at ECLA:

Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project
Concepts of Authorship and the Postmodern Novel
Theories of Dramatic Language in Modernist Aesthetics
Nineteenth-Century French Poetry

General Teaching Interests:

The Novel; Theories of Narrative; Psychoanalysis; Critical Theory


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