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Project Year

The Project Year Programme was designed for students who already had 3-5 years of academic experience and a strong interest in Value Studies. Students normally joined the programme after completing the Academy Year Programme or with relevant training in disciplines like philosophy, literature, political theory, art history, theology or film theory. The programme had two major components. The first was a year-long research project, arranged in the light of individual background, interests and plans for the future. The work was supervised by one or two members of the ECLA faculty and culminated with a research paper and an oral presentation of the project to the entire ECLA community. The second component was a core course dedicated to the ideals that guide, or perhaps should guide, the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. In 2011-12 the topic was Bildung. Students also took elective courses and language classes for extra credit if time allowed. Many PY students planned to continue with graduate studies, and between 2007 and 2012 ECLA has helped place students in some of the best graduate schools in the world, including programmes at Oxford University, New York University, Columbia University and Boston University.